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                                                                                     119 West 25th Street, PH,  New York, NY  10001   USA





1973    New York, NY



1999    Harvard University , Graduate School of Design, Cambridge MA

1995    Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh PA                                          

1994    Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, Germany    


Solo Exhibitions

2004    ‘Waterwall’ Gallery Sonja Roesch, Houston

2003    ‘Nausea & Euphoria’ Gallery Evan, New York

           ‘Clear Cloud’ Comme-ci, comme ça, Eifel, Germany 

2002    ‘Blandscape and Photage’ Riva Gallery, New York

1999    ‘Lscapes and Nosmos’ Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Cambridge , MA


Group Exhibitions

2007    Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva, Switzerland: ‘Plastic’ curated by John Tremblay & Christophe Cherix

2006    Eyebeam, NY  ‘teaching artists in residence’ summer show
Artscape: ‘Test Patterns’, Baltimore, MD. Public Art Exhibit curated By Gary Kachadourian

            The Armory Show, Socrates Sculpture Park Booth, Pier 92, NY  (“buy now button” drawings)

2005    Andrew Kreps Gallery, NY 'We Could Have Invited Everyone' Curated by Robert Blackson & Peter Coffin
            Travis Towers, Houston, TX 'Travis Towers Show' curated by Julie Kinzelman
            Governors Island, NY – The Muster, Organized by artist Allison Smith with The Public Art Fund

2004    The New Yorker Magazine, New York – Two person show, curated by C.S. Ledbetter

            Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NY - 'In the face of others' curated by George Robinson,
            Kunstfabrik, 2yk Gallerie, Berlin - 'Deutsch - Amerikanische Freundschaft' curated by Ulf Wetzel

            Brooklyn Fire Proof Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - ‘Architextures’, curated by Samantha Dorfman

2003    London ICA, England 'Digital Showcase: The F25 Key' Collab DVDs. curated by Lina Russel.

            Swiss Institute, NY, Collaborative DVDs. Video RubberBar curated by Normal Group.

            Bunting Center Pinkard Gallery, Maryland - 'Notebook' Drawings curated by Gary Kachadourian.

            Gallery Evan, New York “Knots and Structures” Works on paper

            Elga Wimmer PCC, New York - 'Framing Architecture'  curated by Daniel Marzona

            Gallery Evan, NY  Salon Show with 'Desktop Landscapes Edition' curated by Dan Babaian

            White Box Annex, NY 'Trannie: Rhetorics of Identity in Transition' curated by Jeffrey Uslip

            Nurture Art Gallery, 'Fresh Again' organized by Leah Oates

2002    P.S.1 MoMA, LIC, NY, Building Structures, Sculpture Report 2002 curated by Daniel Marzona

            Henry Art Museum, Seattle.  'Out of Site', curated by Anne Ellegood and Rhonda Howard

            New Museum, New York :  'Out of Site' - 'Fictional Architecture'  curated by Anne Ellegood.

            Socrates Sculpture Park: 'View'. Commissioned sculpture. curated by Alyson Baker

            Lombard Freid Gallery, 'Retrofit' curated by Lauri Firstenberg        

            Nurture Art Foundation, NY  'Nurturing the New', Curated by Tracey Fugami

            Bellwether Gallery, Brooklyn, NY : Carnegie Mellon University Alumni Benefit Exhibit - prints

            Municipal Arts Society, New York : 'Microviews' archive presentation of pre-9/11 WTC photos

            The Williamson Gallery at Art Center College of Design,Pasadena, CA. 'Reactions' show

            The New Museum, New York :  Broadway Window Plasma Screen Exhibit of  'UnitBead 2.0"          

            Manifesta, Frankfurt : Free Manifesta participant: 'Styrorchids Ikibana' 100 unit free edition

            The Free Biennial, New York and online. 'Crocusing, 2002' a 12 piece free-multiple in four parks.

            MoMA Ireland, The Open Museum Net Art Show: Sketchpad, and early digital work online

            Exit Art, New York: Reactions. 911 related group show. File-Error Series. WTC1, 10x12 Photograph

 2001   P.S.1 MoMA, LIC, NY, Loop curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Jeffrey Uslip

            Stefan Stux Gallery, New York curated by Lauri Firstenberg

            Folin/Riva Gallery, New York : 'Work' - curated by Lauri Firstenberg

            'Styro Snow Gift Economy Distribution Performance': 100 Free styrofoam pieces. sponsor:

            Art|32|Basel, Switzerland : 'Plastic Ecologies', 1000 piece free multiple digital projects

2000    Artists Space, New York : 'Interactive Design Lab'- curated by Jenelle Porter and Ronald Jones .

1999    Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York : 'Mixup' with Gel-D Collaborative. Curated by Ronald Jones


Awards & Residencies

2005    Eyebeam ‘Teaching Artist in Residency’ and Artist Honorarium

2003    John Anson Kittredge Educational Fund, travel and expenses grant

2002    Artists Space Independent Project Grant, 'Basic Digital' production

2000    World Views Artist-In-Residence at the World Trade Center, LMCC Grant from the Jerome Foundation

2000    N.E.A. purchase grant for Original Digital Art Commissions at Artists Space

1999    Pelligrini Scholarship: Swiss Benevolent Society Scholarship Grants for Advanced Studies         

1998    Locklin Grant, Landscape Architecture Foundation - Grant for new and experimental work            

1996    Penny White Scholar Grants - Grant for Landscape Photography 

1995    Harvard-Radcliffe Arts First Grant


Public Presentations

2005    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, ‘East Coast - West Coast’ Panel

2004    Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NY, ‘Working Collaboratives’, Panel

2003    Carnegie Mellon University,Pittsburgh, PA ‘Working Artists’ Panel and Lecture

            Nurture Art Foundation, NY ‘Post-It Panel Discussion’ with Art Fry, 3M, and Paola Antonelli, MoMA

2002    New York University I.T.P. Steve Johnson's -Emergence Class Talk - Interactive Art   

            Henry Art Museum, Seattle  ‘Architecture And Art’ Panel  with curator Rhonda Howard

            Artists Equity, NY Panel  ‘Artists' Websites’  Alison Blackman

2000    Artists Space, NY Panel  'Digital Think Tank' with Barbara Hunt and Ruby Lerner

            Artists Space, NY Talk  ‘Interactive Art’  Prof. Dr. Ronald Jones and Matthew Drutt

2001    'Styro Snow Gift Economy Distribution Performance': project sponsored by

2000    'Business Art Business': Art on the verge of business & business on the verge of art. ANEorg, NY

1998    'The BusinessArt Show' : ANEventures Event showcasing artist started businesses, ANEorg, NY

1996    'AGAR' multimedia collage event; video mixing, text-dj'ing, multilayered sound. ANE, Boston


Press and Publications

2007    Catalog by Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva for ‘Plastic’ curated by John Tremblay & Christophe Cherix

2006    K-48 Magazine “ Prisons” Issue (inside back & front covers) “Buy Now / Submit” Issue #6

2005    Fragenberg, Frank. ‘Fremde Intelligenzen’ Spike Art Quarterly Vienna, Winter 2005

2003    Kunitz, Daniel. 'Building Structures' The Sun, January 2003

2002    Williams, Gregory. 'Out Of Site'  ARTFORUM online August/September 2002

            Cotter, Holland.  'Rain or Shine, Residing Outdoors',  The New York Times, August 9, 2002   

            Cotter, Holland.  'A new sense of Architecture'  The New York Times, July 12, 2002

            Newhall, Edith. 'The Shape of Things' New York, July 11, 2002  

            Halle, Howard. 'Building the future'  Time Out New York, July11-18,2002

            Firstenberg, Lauri.  'Patrick Meagher, Riva'   Flash Art, July 2002

            Cameron, Kristi. 'Up and coming', Metropolis, July, 2002

            Bollen, Christopher. 'Retrofit'   Time Out New York, April-May 2002

            Firstenberg, Lauri. 'Patrick Meagher' ,NY Arts Magazine, April 2002

2000    Dewan, Shaila K.  'all works (of PCM) snatched up by collectors" The New York Times, Dec 8, 2000

1998    Exhibition Review. 'Dreamscapes Land' Art New England  April/May 1998

            Wildman, David. 'Hubble telescope images inspire artists' The Boston Globe, Jan 4, 1998


Books and Catalogs

2007   (forthcoming 64page monograph)  Edited by Uta Grosenick, designed by Andy Disl, Cologne, Germany

2006    Socrates Sculpture Park (nighttime image of Flightpath 2003)

2005    International Art Galleries, Dumont, 2005 (photography of Barbara Gladstone, Gagosian, Chelsea galleries)

2004    Site Matters: The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's World Trade Center Artist Residency, 1997-2001

                               by Moukhtar Kocache, Erin Donnelly, Liz Thompson  ISBN: 0972697314

2003    Nausea & Euphoria ( Patrick Meagher artists book) Navado Press, Trieste,

2002    Out Of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces.  Essays by Anne Ellegood, Rhonda Lane Howard,and

                             Mark Wigley ISBN: 0915557851

            Charley Magazine  curated by Maurizio Cattelan, Ali Subotnick and Massimiliano Gioni

            Blandscape and Photage, Limited Edition Catalog, ANE press


2001    Architecture & Design: Artists Space 00-01 Jenelle Porter, Ron Jones, Barbara Hunt, Janet Abrams.

            Q4, Q3, Q2, Q1 ANE OFFICE Quarterly Reports, Limited Editions of Four Booklets, ANE Press

1999    Paratactics II : Journal of Avant Architecture and Art  by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss & Meijin Yoon

1998    Paratactics I : Journal of Avant Architecture and Art  by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss & Meijin Yoon

            Studioworks 5, Harvard University Press


Public and Corporate Collections

             U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington D.C.                                                        

             Castello di Rivoli, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Torino, Italy                                                                                          

             The Library of Congress, Photo Archive, Washington D.C.                                  

             The National Endowment for the Arts, Washington D.C.                                  

             Harvard University Film and Photo Archive, Cambridge, MA

             Mannesmann Steel, GMBH, Dusseldorf, Germany